Description: Lucasfilm Games was a division within Disney Parks Experiences and Consumer Products
Role: Lead UI Designer
Responsibilities: As a Lead UI Designer at Disney for almost 5 years, I've participated in multiple projects, processes, and endeavors. In addition to the 2 live games I've shipped (Star Wars Commander and Rivals) , I've also worked on a variety of prototypes, tools, and exploration. Below is a sample of various projects I personally created during my time.
Visual Design Exploration
Various visual designs for unreleased projects
Illustrator to Unity Prototyping Tool
One of the most time consuming processes in game production is getting UI into Unity. It typically involves a number of manual steps and duplication of work. So I wrote this tool in Javascript and C# that simplifies the process of implementing UI in Unity. Using the scripting system in Illustrator, a user can export all their UI textures and it's layout in XML with a simple click of a button. Unity then reads those assets to recreate the UI. Below is a sample of how it works.
Shape Exploration
Various UI exploration done in Illustrator
UI Pipeline Flows and Production Processes
As Lead UI in our studio, part of my role was to determine the process at which our UI is created. I created these process flows to help explain each of our software's involvement throughout our production flow.
AR Prototyping
These are a few samples of emerging media prototypes I created in Unity and Facebook AR Studio.
Style Guides
When working with vendors, new team-members and our marketing department, it's important to create detailed style guides to allow easy visual replication. This is a set of style guides for Star Wars Rivals I created in Sketch and added to our internal documentation.
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