Description: The Game UX Interview Series is a series of interviews where one Game UX Professional interviews another. The catch is the interviewee conducts the next interview! 
Role: Author and Editor
Summary: This is a Medium publication I started in 2018. I started this for a couple of reasons. Externally, there hasn't been much insight into the people and processes working within game UX, so this allows more access to unique voices within our industry. And internally within the game development community, it helps people across different studios to network, connect and share similar stories.
In addition to this series, to help foster internal relationships, I also run a 400+ member Game UX Facebook group and 100+ member Slack workspace.

Interview 7: Evva Kraikul

Interview 6: Chris Pavia

Interview 5: Howie Begosa

Interview 4: Marie Jasmin

Interview 3: Taylor Wright

Interview 2: Kathryn Storm

Interview 1: Maïmouna Brownrigg 

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